Cable Strippers & Cutters

Wire and Cable Cutters and Strippers

Ever wish you could get consistent, accurate performance from your wire and cable cutters? Look no further, we supply cable cutters and stripping tools for working with Ethernet cable. We offer cable cutters that make clean, precise cuts without damaging the cable dielectric or insulation.

A popular tool we supply is the Networking Cable Stripper. Its ergonomically designed features will insure fast and smooth stripping. When cutting the cable, the spring loaded feature insures quick and clean cuts. The large finger loop allows for fast and easy stripping by spinning the tool around the cable and help reduce installation time. 

There are two general types of cable strippers: manual and automatic. A manual style version consists of opposing blades like scissors. An automatic version grips the wire from one side while cutting or stripping the other side.

The ProStrip 16/30 AWG Wire Stripper is designed to meet the demanding expectations of professionals, the new ProStrip wire strippers deliver top performance, total comfort and consistent, reliable results.

The ProStrip 10/20 AWG Wire Stripper has precision ground strip nest for clean strips on solid or stranded CU/AL wire. Comfortable for left or right handed users, with ergonomic grips to reduce hand fatigue. Curved cutting blades ensure clean, easy cuts.

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