Access Control Composite Cable - Riser - CMR/CL2R - 18/4 AWG + 22/4 AWG + 22/2 AWG + 22/3 AWG Pair Shielded, 500 Ft & 1000 Ft

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    Access Control Cable for Security Alarm System

    Our Access Control Composite Cable has been designed for easy installation on a single pull and to meet the requirements of the most demanding Building Access Control Systems. This composite cable includes four components required for card readers, door contacts, locking power and retinal scanners in commercial buildings, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, government buildings and educational campuses.

    Product Quality

    Our access control cables are installer friendly allowing for easy installation. With multiple cables under one jacket, time and money is saved during setup, pulling and termination. This multi-conductor cable includes one 18/4 awg, 22/2 awg, one 22/4 awg, and one 22/3 awg shielded conductor.

    Our access cables also include print legends to allow for quick identification of each cable’s application. Time is precious and the convenience of the cables at installation makes our access cables the choice for multiple access control applications.

    Where to use Riser Access Control Cable

    A broad range of applications exist for access control composite cabling. It is widely used with keypad/card readers, retinal scanners, door contact, request to exit and lock power device connectivity in commercial settings such as schools, universities, hospitals, airports, government buildings, train and transportation centers, stadiums, and arenas. Since this access control cable has multiple conductors under one jacket, the preparation, set up, and termination time is shorter.


    • Card Readers Ready
    • Color Coded for Easy Installation
    • Designed For Indoor Installations
    • Commercial Buildings
    • Distribution Centers
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Government Buildings
    • Educational Campuses


    Technical Specs:

    Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper
    Insulation: PVC
    Jacket: Green PVC
    Standard Length: 500 Foot & 1000 Foot Reels
    Rating: NEC Artical 800 Type CMR/CL2R RoHS Compliant
    Overall Nominal O.D.: .480
    Component # Conductor Size # of Conductors Conductor Colors Nominal O.D. Insulation Thickness Jacket Color
    1 18 AWG 4 Cond White, Red,
    Black, Green
    .183 .008 White/Purple Stripe
    2 22 AWG 3 Pairs Shielded Black/Red
    .168 .007 White/Yellow Stripe
    3 22 AWG 2 Cond Black, Red .128 .007 White/Green Stripe
    4 22 AWG 4 Cond White, Black,
    Red, Green
    .138 .007 White/Red Stripe

    What's in the Box

    • Quantity: 500 Foot & 1000 Foot Reel
    • Access Control Cable - CMR/CL2P, (18/4 AWG + 22/4 AWG + 22/2 AWG + 22/3 AWG Pair Shielded Conductors)